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Strangely Literal Podcast

can you metaphor this up a little? - Joss Whedon

15 November 1981
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"Cuz once we rock. We won't wanna stop. Not today or tomorrow...." - Jason Mraz

About Strangely Literal: Fan fic is a time honored tradition among the ardent enthusiasts who just can’t stop telling stories about their favorite characters and universes. We here at Strangely Literal can’t get enough of it either. Each podcast we bring you a story or stories from Buffy, Angel, Firefly or another Jossverse in an attempt to satisfy your need for more stories… this is Strangely Literal.

About Me: Tabz is a crazy, unpredictable Supreme Commander with a heart of gold and a sharp wit and even sharper tongue. She enjoys California dreamin’, deep dish Chicago pizza, music and a good book. You can find her hanging out at Starbucks or Jamba Juice, working from home doing Social Media PR, or at church doing media. A converted MAC head she spends most of her day on a computer. She loves cooking, writing, painting, reading and a good travel adventure. Her main love is media and she has a flair for almost every type. She’s happiest when she’s behind a camera doing photography, at the computer editing an independent film, producing a radio drama, designing a web page, painting an art project or directing kids crafts.

Her current extra-curricular activities include podcast, blogging and anything related to Joss Whedon (except stalking him).

She currently works on many podcasts and is the producer of Buffy Between the Lines, Strangely Literal, Joss'd, Lets Talk Joss, Tales from the Verse, Transformed! and fanTABZulous. She also works on Firefly Talk, After Serenity and the Astral Audio Experience.

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Chuck (NBC) screen caps by the_desire
Buffy/Angel/Firefly caps from http://www.screencap-paradise.com/