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Fanfic: Epic Sandwich Making (Psych)

Title: Epic Sandwich Making
by Tabz (sl_podcast)
Characters/Pairing (if any) Shawn, Gus
A/N: I don't own Psych, but I have owned a pineapple. Unfortunately, I ate it.
Summary: Shawn is avoiding the inevitable...

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Title The Day the Vikings Watched that One Show
Author sl_podcast (aka Tabz)
Rating G
Word Count
Prompt 223, Minor Character Free For All: Groupie (Sugarshock)
Characters/Pairing (if any) Groupie, Dandelion, Wade
A/N: Id' warn about crack, but it's Sugarshock... it's kind of a given.

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Updating my life...

I'm working on podcast stuff and realized I haven't written for still_grr since 2008. Yikes!

I remedied the situation....


I just bought this:


Because it's so awesome.


Novel Done!

After getting my edits from my professor I handed it back yesterday. We changed a couple more tiny things and it looks like I'm officially done!


Now I have to write up a "life essay," a bio page and a couple other small things and my thesis for my Masters is done.

I'm hoping to go on to get my MFA (since Creative Writing doesn't officially have a doctoral program, it's the terminal degree -- so kind of like a doctorate).

Eventually I'd like to teach full-time and keep writing. So I'll probably go for my doctorate after the MA. Whew... school.

*Blows off Dusty LJ*

Hey guys!

It's been awhile since I wrote because I've been crazy busy trying to graduate this summer with my MA! Why crazy busy? Because I wrote a novel for my thesis.

It's finally done (but needs revising) but I'm back!

Working on finishing up Angel Between the Lines, getting podcasts up and running.

So what have you missed in the life of Tabz?

I have lost 28lbs on a raw food diet my church is doing called "The Daniel Plan."

My friend Lisa has moved to Los Angeles and we've been doing lots of cool stuff like seeing Felicia Day, Sandeeph and Jeff Lewis perform improv, watching Neil Patrick Harris directing a pilot, and going to the Doctor Who convention. It's been fun!

Life is pretty good, though a full-time job would be fantastic. I am starting an online TA job for Ashford University which should give me some awesome experience points.

ABtLS1Ep008 - A Grim Fairytale

A Grim Fairytale
by Emma Rawlin

When Lilah’s mother is in trouble she recruits Wesley’s help, but to storm the walls of Mosiac they’ll need a little more electrical power… or a giant, talking fis

It's nearly Christmas

Merry Christmas from Myboyfriend and Jack


My First Book!

In case you missed it, my first book (a kids' book) is available for pre-order!

It's inspired by my real life cats (Myboyfriend and Jack) and Jack's fascination with water (especially in the bathtub) of course, he's also scared of the water! This book is intended for 3-7 year olds, but is great for anyone. It'll be available internationally on Amazon in late December.
You miss Serenity flying as much as we do? Want to lend your voice to help her fly again?

The good folks at Between the Lines Studios (who did Buffy and Angel Between the Lines) are looking for voices for their new audio drama based on Firefly.

Auditions are open from today until December 18th.
You can read all about it at http://fireflybetweenthelines.com/

Even if you can't or don't want to be a voice actor you can still sign up to help the crew (we need editors, QC people, SFX finders).



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